You have a dream...


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Let's look at what you’re struggling with:

•  You have nobody calling to book vacations.
•  You love the idea of helping people travel, but no idea how to actually do it.
•  You get price shoppers, send them quotes and then hear crickets.
•  You suck really bad at pitching, let alone nailing the upsell.
•  You lack confidence, heck, maybe you’ve never even held a sales role.
•  You’re left wondering where you’re going to make your first sale, let alone your next sale.
•  You’re worried about going live on social media because of the judgment that comes from the neighbors, family and friends.
•  Being afraid of not being successful.
•  Taking action because you’re confused about what to do and how to reach your big scary goal.
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I’m going to show you:

•  How to start your journey as a travel specialist
•  How to get started booking groups
• How to identify your ideal client
•  How to pick a niche
• What to sell to get top commissions in your niche market
•  How to create relationships AND raving superfans so you build a steady stream of travelers ready to travel
•  How to pitch a sale
•  How to upsell without being pushy AND increase your commissions
•  The confidence to go live and form relationships in a fast way, where 1-on-1 is hard and time consuming.
• How to get out of your own head and start asking for credit cards, pitch payment plans and extend those budgets, talk about money and even pitch the upsells with confidence
• How to maximize your FAM trips to gain more clients
• How to set goals and make an actionable plan to reach those goals
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Once you know how to Accelerate your business

Everything changes....

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You make the kind of money you’ve always wanted to make...
You feel accomplished, confident and on top of your game every single day...
You’ve got the freedom to work on your own time, from a place that you love...
People trust your expertise, can’t stop raving about you and share your work with others...
You have systems in place saving you, your sanity, & time and bringing in sale...
And every time you put a new offer out there, people are excited to buy that too...
Above all, you’re finally making the kind of impact you’ve always dreamed of making...

And the good news?

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These results can be achieved by YOU. No matter what you do, your business experience, or the kind of personality you have.

You can have a hugely profitable business doing what you love - without building an army of team members or a big advertising budget. You just need to know your focus is, have a month-by-month plan to execute, and have a support system that keeps propelling you forward.
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But if it was that simple…

Why isn't everyone having success in their business?

Maybe you think you can build a successful business based on your best educated guesses or mimicking what experts seem to be doing. What you don't know is that you're only seeing 5% of the overall strategy. The actual work happens behind the scenes.

Maybe you're too busy trading your time for money and are scared to transition from one-on-one services to one-to-many model (it’s like leaving the safety of your 9-5 job and move into a different territory). The fear of not being able to replace your income is keeping you stuck and playing small

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Launching Offers to Crickets

Work day and night to create that perfect vacation; the perfect resort, top of the line transportation, direct flights, great excursions and tours….. the whole shebang.

Then excitedly announce it to the world and expect people to jump at the offer. Nobody buys it….crickets!

It’s not always about the offer. Learn the real secret to selling that one perfect vacation.


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Building Only on Social Media

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people making this mistake. Write some juicy content, blast it on social media and expect money to roll in.

Even if you end up making some money, this way of building a business is not sustainable, neither is it scalable.

This is the reason most entrepreneurs stay in the feast & famine mode… always wondering where their next client is going to come from.


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Course Hopping

Buy one course, go through a module or two, think to yourself “I already know this” … move on to another expert, buy their course and REPEAT.

It doesn’t save you time, it certainly doesn’t save you money. All it does is create headache and confusion!

In the end, you’re left with a dozen courses on your virtual shelf, collecting cosmic dust and you’re still where you were when you first started.


The real secret is taking action...


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Don’t let another month….or monthly host agency fee get deducted….without getting paid the commissions you deserve. Start on your journey to being a great travel agent and gain the confidence to sell because it’s what you know.

You’re going to start traveling! You’re going to get a passport if you don’t have one. You’re going to get on an airplane. You’re going to go see all of the amazing properties you’re going to sell to your clients and show them first hand what they’re missing out on. Let me be real honest here. Nobody wants to book a vacation with someone who hasn’t been there and done that! You have to create the FOMO and with that comes the raving superfans!

Once you start, you can start creating raving superfans from your living room.

Get all the good shit and none of the bullshit here! You can have clients calling you instead of chasing clients.

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What if you could...

Know exactly what your focus for the year would be and have a step-by-step plan to follow
Know who needs your help the most and the kind of language to use that will make you the ONLY choice
Know exactly what your ideal clients want to buy instead of creating offers on your best-educated guesses
Know how to setup a blog, vlog, podcast or facebook group that is sure to attract the right traffic because you’ve done the groundwork instead of doing what feels good to you
Know how to grow an email list that loves hearing from you and buying your offers – even if you’re not a big name in your niche (YET)
Know how you can make money from a course that you haven’t even created and then launch it successfully to an eager audience
And what if you could put all of this work together and turn it into an evergreen system that makes you money with you working only 20-25 hours a week
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Accelerator for Travel Agents is a program, not just an online course.

• Lifetime access
• A private kick-off goal setting workshop
• Bi-weekly group calls
• Monthly coaching calls for 6 months
• Option to purchase 1 on 1 calls
• Training Videos
• An amazing toolbox of resources
• Worksheets
• Checklists
• Bonus Personal Mindset Coaching
• How to outsource and create endless time
Yes! I want to ACCELERATE my business!
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Accelerator for Travel Agents



Lifetime access
A private kick-off goal setting workshop
Coaching calls
Videos, Worksheets, & Checklists
Personal Mindset Coaching

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I want you to make your travel agent dreams come true, so I want to make this program no-brainer for you! I'm including a zero-risk, money-back guarantee!

If you don't feel as though you have received the education and support needed to achieve success in your business, email me at [email protected] within the first 30 days. I will send you a refund. No questions asked.
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Yes! I want to ACCELERATE my business! - All Rights Reserved 

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